Image of Cinnamon-Tangerine (Cinna-Tangerine TM) Dou's Shea Pocket Size Jar

Cinnamon-Tangerine (Cinna-Tangerine TM) Dou's Shea Pocket Size Jar


(About 0.3 oz)

Cinna-Tangerine TM is a more volatile cream, in the sense not of danger, but that cinnamon is considered a "hot oil" and tangerine has the sharp acidic qualities closer to lemon than to its softer-acidic bergamot counterpart. Needless to say, this is a MASSAGE OIL, mainly. This cream will lighten, brighten, and hypen the groove. Simply be careful not to apply to FACE or GENITALS or UNDERARMS. It will sting during perspiration (root word is the Latin "PERSPIRARE" which translates roughly to "blow or breathe constantly", according to the etymology dictionary. In other words, use Cinna-Tangerine Dou's Shea cream to the back, stomach, and chest, lower legs, feet, and hands, to relieve ranging pains from arthritis symptoms, blood circulation issues in the limbs, and more! Never underestimate the healing power of organic Cinnamon Essential oil and Tangerine chockful of vitamin C!

Ingredients: Whipped Raw Organic Shea Butter from West-Africa; Sweet Almond Oil; Apricot Oil; Organic Cinnamon and Tangerine Essential Oils; Eucalyptus Oil.