Image of Lavender Dou's Shea Pocket Size Jar

Lavender Dou's Shea Pocket Size Jar


(About 0.3 oz)

Lavender is my 2nd favorite cream by Shea Oceans. Like Tea Tree-Bergamot TM, Lavender Dou's Shea is a very versatile cream. Consider Lavender the adaptagen of essential oils. In other words, you will be able to decide if you want to use this cream to energize or to relax one's self. Research Lavender online for more information on this fact. Lavender will change one's life for the better. People drink Lavender tea, Lavender is a color, it is a nice-sounding word - kind of rolls off the tongue - and it has been used for centuries by native peoples of the land for myriad of medicinal purposes! Use Lavender for everything from baby-safe cream to face cream to anywhere you'd like to use it, like after a shave. Lavender is AMAZING for burns. Lavender is the perfect night cream. Lavender has the qualities of a goddess. Use it for your everyday life or emergency.

Ingredients: Whipped Raw Organic Shea Butter from West-Africa; Aloe Vera Oil; Avocado Oil; Organic Lavender Essential Oil; Eucalyptus Oil.