Image of Sage-Peppermint TM Dou's Shea Pocket Size Jar

Sage-Peppermint TM Dou's Shea Pocket Size Jar


(About 0.3 oz)

Sage-Peppermint. Wow. What can we say? This foot cream and ALL-PURPOSE CREAM is my #1 Dou's Shea Cream! Sage is the century-old wise herb of safety and protection. It is anti-bacterial and will change your life! Peppermint is the ultimate foot oil. It is so good for your feet that it only takes 22 seconds to infiltrate our bloodstreams when applied to "root of foot". Use it with a loved one to make their evening smooth and relaxing after a laborious work day for example. Sage-Peppermint Dou's Shea is the best cream for the morning. After using it all over your body (just keep from eyes) one feels vibrant, excited, enlivened, and invigorated. Oddly enough, one also feels balanced and cleansed simultaneously.

Ingredients: Whipped Raw Organic Shea Butter from West-Africa; Aloe Vera Oil; Organic Sage and Peppermint Essential Oils; Eucalyptus Oil.