Image of Tea Tree-Bergamot TM Dou's Shea (Essential Line) by Shea Oceans

Tea Tree-Bergamot TM Dou's Shea (Essential Line) by Shea Oceans


(About 3.1 oz)

Tea Tree-Bergamot TM is one of my top 3, sometimes ranging up to my favorite. IT is the most medicinal, all things considered, of all the Dou's Shea creams, considering its relevancy and applications. Tea Tree hails from Australia, and not really anywhere else, just to give you an idea of how special this not so secret best kept skin secret really is. Tea Tree can effectively handle and control virus outbreaks and kills bacteria on site. Tea Tree helps you with eczema and psoriasis, and many customers have reported to me that this one, the Lavender one, and in some cases, the Unscented Dou's Shea have outright healed their skin problems in under a month, when it has taken a lifetime to do it before meeting me. I am sometimes astonished and humbled to hear I can change peoples lives by combining my knowledge with my skills to create these potions. Bergamot, the flavor of Earl Grey Tea, is great for relieving stress, anxiety, and related symptoms of depression and misdirected anger. Bergamot can be seen as a miracle scent, hence its popularity, because merely by inhaling the particles of Bergamot in the air, the body relaxes and the mind eases into the moment better. It also heightens one mood and allows one to focus on the present! I like to use Tea Tree Bergamot Dou's Shea at night to protect my skin from airborne bacteria. This cream is safe for:

-face, just keep from eyes and genitals
-hair (why not) All other Dou's Shea creams also hair safe, besides Cinna-Tangerine. Can be used as a sheen, as well!

Ingredients: Whipped Raw Organic Shea Butter from West-Africa; Apricot Oil; Avocado Oil; Organic Tea Tree and Bergamot Essential Oils; Eucalyptus Oil.