Image of Unscented Dou's Shea Pocket Size Jar

Unscented Dou's Shea Pocket Size Jar


(About 0.3 oz)

Unscented Dou's Shea, believe it or not, is the most VERSATILE of Dou's Shea creams, although the name begs to differ. Therefore, Unscented can be used on the hair (like all others other than Cinna-Tangerine), it is baby safe (see ingredients for allergy info), it can be used all over the body, no exceptions. IT is great for burns, but Lavender Dou's Shea is even better! Give this to people with sensitive noses! Older people, babies, and sensitive skin need this in their lives to protect their largest organ. It is the ultimate lotion. Tired of lotions? Try Unscented Dou's Shea by Shea Oceans!

Ingredients: Organic, whipped, raw shea butter from West Africa; Avocado Oil; Aloe Vera Oil; Eucalyptus Oil.