Dou's Shea Extensive Purposes

Below is the list of the myriad of potential applications for the eleven Dou's Shea creams, combined. Keep in mind that each cream also has its own unique properties and healing, specifically the Essential Line. So, see specific cream icons for descriptions to know which one fits you best!:

-Everyday Lotion.

-Aromatherapy, nostalgic aromas

-Dry Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis

-Vitamins A, E, and K for Moisturization and Skin Cell Reproduction

-Burn, Scrapes, Shallow Cuts Relief and Anti-Septic/Anti-Bacterial

-Face Cream (not Cinnamon Tangerine)

-Foot Cream (Sage Peppermint especially)

-Hand Cream (Frequent Hand Washers Apply!)

-Hair Cream (not Cinnamon Tangerine)

-Arthritis and Blood Circulation Treatment

-Sore Muscles/Massage (especially Cinnamon Tangerine)

-Tattoo Sheen (Unscented especially for after tattoo care)

-After-Shower Lotion

-I even rub it on to leather and some plastic surfaces to shine them.

-Much more!