Dou's Shea Testimonials

"Both my husband and I use Shea Oceans shea butter and have found so many benefits. My husband has extremely dry skin and this shea butter was a key part of ensuring it stays moisturized as he uses it daily after shower. In addition to using it on the body I personally used it on my hair. It is pretty thick so I didn't have to use that much which of course meant it lasted much longer. This product is a great way to add moisture and shine in a healthy manner without using a product with all the extra unidentifiable ingredients. For those interested in making their own hair products, this shea butter can be used as a great base!"

Kethlyn White
Technology Consultant
Houston, TX

"I love this brand! Local for me (whoop!) and all organic which is something that is very important to me. A little bit of this cream goes a long way. So worth the purchase :) Perfect for this time of year when my skin is looking for some serious moisture."

Marissa (Mavittude)
Woodstock, NY

"I just found a little container of the lavender the other day when we moved to a new apartment. Since the weather is so cold it is the perfect time to pull it out and use it and make another order."

Ashley Bell
Woodstock, NY

"I heartily recommend Shea Oceans! I got the pocket-sized sampler; all of the flavors are lovely, and the consistency is wonderful, silky smooth. I love the way the product melts into my skin, it really feels nourishing! I'm in the food service industry, frequently exposed to bleach and other cleaning chemicals, and am delighted by how effectively Dou's Shea soothed and healed my work-damaged hands. Later I started using Cinnamon Tangerine as lipgloss after losing all my chapstick, and I'm hooked! These products are great for skin, hair and life, and I so appreciate the integrity of Shea Oceans. I will definitely be back for more! This is an amazing value...Don't wait to fall in love, try it today!!!"

Christine G
Portland, OR

"Once I discovered Dou's Shea there was no turning back!"

Not only does it make my dry skin stay oh-so-soft, the scents help me  relax. 

My favorites are Purple Touch and the Almond-Vanilla... I use scents to relax, and using Dou's Shea at night helps me fall asleep.

I typically... put it in smaller jars so I have one in every purse.*

Shea butter is known for its super conditioning properties.

 I use it for my hair (leave it on for several hours), rough feet and hands, and as an all over body emollient. Just a little dab is all you need. 

I  had a jar of it by my office door and my staff would ALWAYS use it. I had to keep refilling it!

I've tried different shea butters and Dou's is my all time fav.

Barbara Schnell
Elementary School Principal
Woodstock, NY

"The world needs more people like Mamadou. The shea butters are excellent and are only bettered by the outstanding service and friendly communication."

Stuart Breed
Music Engineer, Sound Engineer
Savannah, GA