Shea Oceans About Us

Shea Oceans - founded by I, Mamadou Ndoye, and developed over the course of 5 years alongside Mark Cunningham - is founded on the principle that what you put IN YOUR SKIN you might as well eat, because "your skin is an organ; give it organic." Right?

We decided to stick with the term 'flavors' to describe our Flavor Line of shea creams because ironically, people have commented upon applying Dou's Shea Black Raspberry Vanilla, for example, that it reminds them of Smuckers Jelly or a lip balm favorite, but has the healing properties they've always wanted. See Black Raspberry Vanilla under the Products Page for more information.

Now, let us not sleep on the 4 (5 including Unscented) Essential Oil Dou's Shea Creams! Just $5 more, and always on sale because I want people to have unlimited affordable access to health through shea butter, these Essential Oil creams are absolutely astounding. The reason is because steam-distilled organic essential oils are the key to unlocking the aromatherapeutic void in your life. After all, we rarely consider lotion as our 'Skin Food'; as a digestable aspect of our health, and instead digest worthless tinctures into our bodies by absorbing them through our skin.

IF A PRODUCT CLAIMS TO SELL SHEA BUTTER ON ITS LABEL AND IT ALSO CONTAINS WATER, it will usually read Shea Butter in the ingredients list as Butryospermum Parkii.. (Butter Seed 'of Park' - named after Mungo Park the Scotsman who was known for bringing shea butter out of Africa to Europe, originally, a few centuries ago). THESE PRODUCTS DO NOT CONTAIN REAL HANDCRAFTED SHEA BUTTER AND ARE SHORT-CHANGING THE WOMEN WHO HAVE MADE SHEA BUTTER TRADITIONALLY IN AFRICA FOR CENTURIES. Never buy these products, because they actually do not contain the vitamins and minerals that raw shea butter contains, because the shea is heated and diluted with chemicals, to begin with.

At Shea Oceans, we truly value the customer first, and our prices reflect that. Consider the fact that our multi-purpose cream comes in a 4 oz jar that can last up to a month, using 3 meaningful applications per day! READ EACH PRODUCT DESCRIPTION UNDER PRODUCTS PAGE FOR SPECIFIC INFO ON EACH CREAM AND THEIR INDIVIDUAL PURPOSES!

This means that for less than $1 a day, you can guarantee access to good skin health (provided a healthy nutrient-rich balanced diet to complement the 'skin food'), vibrant hair, soft skin, lips and feet.

So, ladies (and gentlemen), the choice is clear. Tired of lotions? Try Shea Oceans!